What home insulation materials should I use, you ask?

Great question… The answer is, it depends.
There are many different types of insulation to choose from, so first, you should ask yourself some questions:

Are you looking to insulate your attic with spray foam or blown-in insulation?
Do you want to insulate your walls, floors, or underfloor?
Do you need to insulate a crawl space or insulate a basement?
Do you know what you really need to have insulated?

Many times it is a combination of the questions above. We first need to identify the area of the home you want to address before we can really know what type of insulation is the best for your home. Cincinnati RetroFoam can perform a comprehensive inspection to first identify what insulation you need and where you need it in your home. We may recommend spray foam insulation in the crawlspace, but blown-in or spray foam insulation in the attic.

So, the answer to the original question, “What insulation materials should I use?” You need a comprehensive inspection to determine which method of insulation is the appropriate option. Cincinnati RetroFoam has trained professionals who can help customers decide which method of insulation they believe will help accomplish the customer’s insulation goals.

If you live in the Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, or Dayton, Ohio area, give us a call or click the “Request A Free Quote” button to receive a comprehensive inspection to determine what insulation you might need in your home.