Is spray foam insulation a good insulation choice for your home? Maybe… It depends on what you are trying to insulate and what the access is to do so.

You have two options for insulating walls of your existing home.

1. Spray Foam

The first option is to remove the drywall, paneling or other interior materials to open up the wall cavity and then you can use spray foam to insulate those cavities.


2. Injection Foam

The second option is injection wall foam. If you do not want to go through the expense and mess of removing and replacing the walls, then you will want to inject foam from the outside to fill those cavities.

So spray foam insulation is for open cavities and injection wall foam insulation is for closed cavities. Typically, the injection foam option is much less expensive than removing walls and applying spray foam. However, if your walls are already exposed, spray foam insulation may be a good fit for your project.

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